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Sorting out joining groups 2017

Visual Classing
Visual classing is still used to start the selection process within our stud and flock breeding operation. This is essential when using objective measurement as some sheep look great on paper but unfortunately have structural faults that can’t be measured.

​Paul Kelly now conducts our visual classing taking over from Ian Lilburne. Paul is well respected in the industry and classes in all districts in the eastern states of Australia.

Boyd Aveyard offers complimentary classing to all Plevna ram clients.

​Paul Kelly and Boyd Aveyard ​classing sale rams 2016.

Fleece Weights: High valued heavy cutting commercial sheep. Long term average of 20.5 micron 7.9kg in adult ewes with next to no incedence of fleece rot.

Plevna Merinos

Easy Shearing: Sheep that have been selected for plain bodies and high fleece weights. Making the Plevna Merinos an easy and popular choice for shearers.

Yes we still use local shearers and Yes they are happy with our sheep.

Growth Rates: Our sheep have been selected for daily weight gain for the last 20 years and remain one our most important measured traits. (Plevna was the first merino stud to utilise growth rate figures through the Dept of Agriculture at Cowra)

Fertility and Good Mothering: Lambs weaned per ewes joined. Over the past 35 years we have painstakingly chiselled away at the industries sleeping dog, FERTILITY. Our ewes and our clients ewes continually scan well and lamb well. At Plevna, we do a lot of work with the female portion of our stud operation by removing poor mothers from our ram breeding nucleus. There are no females in our stud that have failed to rear lambs as a maiden.

See our testimonials and breeding and research section for the impact our sheep have had in commercial operations.

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