Plevna Merinos

Plevna Merinos

Three Generations Strong

Plevna Merino Stud’s base was derived from Wonga sheep first bought to the property in 1942. The stud was registered in 1979. The 70’s, 80’s & 90’s saw the use of objective measurement combined with visual classing to establish a modern day industry type of sheep. Frank Donnelly and John Aveyard were the driving force in the evolution of Plevna Merino Stud.

Recently added the Poll Merino gene, growth rate and eye muscle area testing. The end result has been a real increase in wool cut, a drop in micron – 22 back to 20.5. Growth rate and eye muscle increase of 15% – important for the typical dual purpose flock. From 2007 and onwards there has been an emphasis on sourcing genetics from studs that have ceased mulesing.

From 2006 onwards the Merino stud has been under the management of Boyd and Alex Aveyard after family succession planning, with John Aveyard Senior still providing valuable input. Boyd and Alex live on Plevna with their three children, Nicholas, Lucy and Isabel.

Paul Kelly joined us as our sheep classer in 2014, Paul comes from a background with vast experience in management in the Stud & Commercial Merino  industry. Paul will conduct all Plevna Visual classing which we feel is essential to be done by an independent professional.
All sheep are visually classed before objective measurement is taken into consideration.

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