Plevna Bred Well Fed Well a success

Plevna Merinos The Bred Well Fed Well workshop held at Plevna, Trundle on Thursday 12th September has been hailed a great success, and locals can expect more interest in conducting such events locally.

The Workshop was facilitated and presented by Megan Rogers and Geoff Duddy. Megan, of SheepSMART Solutions, at Forbes said that the “workshop was very well attended, and the participants were a very engaged group. What we as presenters like to see is the group asking plenty of questions, in the context of their own practical situations, and full and wholesome discussion about such issues, and this is exactly how the workshop went on the day”

“It was a great day, and one of the more engaged groups I have worked with on the Bred Well Fell Well workshops. I attribute this to the very local feel, with many of the attendees feeling really comfortable in their surrounds, as well as knowing many of the participants at the workshop”. Mrs Rogers said.

The success of the day would not have been possible without the support and organisation of workshop hosts, Boyd and Alex Aveyard, of Plevna Merinos, Trundle. “The commitment to the Merino Industry, and also local sheep farmers, is evident by way of their support of such a practical workshop, Mrs Rogers said.”

During the workshop participants learned about how to better utilise information about their flocks and genetics on offer to them, and turn this information into productivity, and profit. Specific issues discussed were using ASBV’s to optimise genetic gain in your flock, refining a breeding objective, and working out where your start point is, and where your goals are for productivity.

The group also discussed the important issue of breeding ewe nutrition, and were shown examples of how combining breeding better animals,and managing them better can have a cumulative effect on flock productivity.

Mrs Rogers said “it is as important as ever to combine good breeding and genetics with good management, and the Bred Well Fed Well workshop gave producers an opportunity to think about how they might go about combining these two into their day to day management and reap the rewards”

Attendees were shown how to condition score breeding ewes, and discussed management decisions around how to manage ewes at certain times throughout the year, depending on whether they are carrying singles, twins, dry, lactating etc.

Workshop host Boyd Aveyard commented that the “workshop went really well, and people’s understanding about the key points was improved upon. We (at Plevna) try to host an annual event such as Bred Well Fed Well, for the benefit of the wider community, with the aim of improving productivity in sheep operations in the area. The Bred Well Fed Well workshop was no exception – it focused on practical solutions to everyday issues we face as sheep breeders”.